Is Peace Possible?


With the events in Boston today, so many of us feel helpless. I was nursing my one month old daughter when I saw the coverage on television. All I could think of was this is the world that I brought children into and my job is to teach them peace. Peace within  themselves, peace within their thoughts, peace within their actions.

I cannot prevent tragedy. I cannot make the world as beautiful and safe as I want it to be right this moment. I cannot get into the heads of those who wish to hurt others and tell them that their lives have a profound purpose for good.

But I cannot give up either.

What I know is that when people feel a sense of connection within themselves and with something greater than themselves, their capacity to hurt others is non-existent. Those who kill others, plan attacks, rape or violate others, they do not have peace within themselves. They are acting out how they feel about themselves on other people. They are tortured and thus torture. I do not wish to excuse their actions. But I do want to challenge our idea that there are “bad guys” and “good guys.” We are all on this planet together and we are all connected! I wish for peace for all, no exceptions. 

Please join me right now  and pray that everyone who is affected by this tragedy receive exactly what they need in this very moment. And this moment. And this moment.



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