Back in the Saddle


Well technically not back in the saddle, but back in my running shoes. Last March I began the Couch to 5K program with a group of new runners in my town. What a great experience! Not only did I gain confidence, but I gained a new body too. Last May I completed my first 5K and was so proud of myself! I was excited to see what this new body could do. And it got pregnant. 🙂

I did take some time off during my pregnancy. It got to the point where I was uncomfortable running. My body was just not going to let me keep going. I was super disappointed and had to honor what my body was telling me even though my mind was saying something else.

In March I delivered a beautiful baby girl named Ivy. All three of my babes have been born at home without drugs and with a midwife. And you know what? Birth and running share many things:

  • You start out feeling pretty good. I could do this all day, no sweat.
  • Then you start sweating. 🙂
  • You feel strong again and remember that you’ve chosen this.
  • Doubt creeps in and you’re not sure you can go on.
  • You hit a high and know you’re almost done.
  • You hit the wall and wish it would end.
  • You complete your “race” and you are so proud!

Today I wanted to remember that while I am a mom, I am me too. I’m starting out slow and trusting myself. This is more about spending time with me than it is completing a race. It’s about hearing my thoughts and connecting with me so I can better connect with my kiddos. And when I got home, Theo put on his “running hat” and I nursed Ivy while he told me about his run. Fantastic.




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