The bike to the left is a pretty good representation of what I used to ride as a kiddo. I never wore a helmet. I never had knee pads or elbow pads, and quite honestly, I rarely wore shoes. Now I’m not advocating lack of safety or 1980’s rules for bike etiquette, but the other day I saw a perfect example of the pendulum that had swung waaaayyyyyyy to the right.

I was on my way home from the market and there was a little girl on a pink bike with a helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and I swear…shin guards, not knee pads, frickin shin guards!  Her mom was walking behind her and this little girl could not even move on her bike. She was so protected that she was making no progress whatsoever. The only true thing she was protected from was riding a bike at all.

And it got me thinking. Where in my life am I so busy protecting myself that nothing is actually happening? Yes I might not be getting “hurt,” but I am missing the thrill of riding that bike and sometimes more importantly, what to do if I fall. What about you? What are you missing out on because you’re overprotected?


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