“Great Enough Girl”


I am feeling pretty proud of myself tonight. Not only because I hosted a workshop at my studio for a group of outstanding local businesswomen (these women truly embody what it means to be humble, beautiful, successful, and overall just really good people!), but because I took the steps to kick an old pattern that isn’t serving me anymore.

As with any presentation, I prepare what I am going to say, I am intentional with the details of where we’ll be meeting, and I always get super excited to teach what I’ve learned. I leave feeling inspired and full of ideas and new concepts to launch.

And then I go home…

And then she shows up. The girl who has an opinion about just about everything… “You ran out of time, you should have said this, you don’t know enough to teach that, blah, blah, frickin blah!”

Now my boys (Noah, almost 5 and Theo 3 1/2) are SUPER into superheros right now! They have their own names like Super Duper and even a sweet friend at school named Emergency Girl! Ha! So guess what?! Just at the very moment that an old pattern showed up, Great Enough Girl swooped in and saved me! She’s the one who says, “Oh girl, you did your very best and it was great!” I like her. And she has a kick ass cape.

What’s your superhero name?

Heidi 🙂

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