Talk from the Table Part Deux: Inspiring Clients

Oh I am having such an inspired time in session…

Here is just a sampling of a few clients I’ve worked with over the last week:

  • A wonderful 10 year old who is helping me remember the magic that we all come from. (Bonus! I get Gobstoppers before and after each session too!)studio
  • A client who is embarking on a soul trip around the world. ( Envious!)
  • A client learning about how their chakras feel and how to use them to access a level of peace. (Stay tuned for a download on my website about this.)
  • A long-time client who is using her tools each day to live a life that totally inspires me to do the same.
  • A client who is falling in love with why she has been gifted this amazing life. Humbled.

It seems that when clients come to the table they generally fall into one of a few categories:

  1. Those who want to be quiet and receive hands on healing.
  2. Those who engage in conversation that is stimulating to the brain and soul.
  3. Clients who are learning the connection between what they think about and how they feel.

How blessed am I to have the opportunity to witness their unfolding?!

A few questions have come up too that you may want to consider in your own life. With my background in philosophy, I am a lover of questions. 🙂

Take some time to consider the following:

  • What if it’s all unfolding exactly the way we need it to in order to learn exactly what we need to learn?
  • What if we incorporated more play into our lives so we can access the kiddo within who is so in need of some attention?
  • What if we actually listened to our bodies and followed through with the innate wisdom that we receive?

Until next Tuesday…





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