Mile 20

I’ve had many athletes on my table over the past week. Some were training for the Twin Cities Marathon this past Sunday, others were recovering from hockey games, and still others were preparing for life. ┬áRegardless of their purpose, I found myself pausing to reflect on the many lessons I received over the past week.

One lesson came from a client named Andrew. I have his permission to share his story. He has a few marathons under his belt and truly is a remarkable guy. He’s got a great outlook on life, he treats his health with priority status, and he’s just an overall really nice person. He came in Monday for a recovery session after running the Twin Cities Marathon. He ran well and of course was a bit sore, but was in great spirits. While he didn’t have the time he was hoping for, he finished and had a great experience. We both agreed that it’s very refreshing to have an event that brings so many athletes (over 12,000!) and spectators (some 300,000!) together to share in something that celebrates life.

This is Andrew as he crossed the finish line! Hilarious! For other unique images from the race, visit Photo credit to Ben Garvin

Now we all know weather is a topic that comes up all the time in the Midwest. We whine about it, we talk to strangers in passing about it, we celebrate and condemn the weather daily. For runners, the weather can play a big role in their race. Andrew shared with me that around mile 20 or so it began to rain so he adjusted his stride as his shoes were beginning to give him blisters. That sounded reasonable to me.

But what he said next really struck me…

He said he wishes he would have just continued with his normal stride because in addition to blisters, his knees were sore too. Hmm…┬áHe also told me that there were many photographers at the race and he made funny faces and smiled at each one…especially at the finish line.

So what did I learn from Andrew? I learned that sometimes at the end of a “race” it rains. And it can be super challenging! Sometimes we adjust our approach and it works, and sometimes we get blisters and sore knees. What matters is that we keep going and finish. And when all else fails, find the humor and make a funny face! (Oh, and get bodywork post-race!)

What race are you finishing? Is it raining? Keep going!!!



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