Small Actions Matter

This is what love looks like between black and white.

This is what love looks like between black and white.

I posted this picture on Facebook today of my kids. I. Love. Them. To me they are so beautiful. Their skin, their hair, their specific features. Their eyes. Especially their eyes. I posted this pic in the wake of a volatile time in our country. The caption read, “This is what love looks like between black and white.” I’m white and my hubby is brown. It received many likes and sparked other people to post pics of their beautifully multiracial families. I needed to do something. Even if it was small.

With the recent events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas, I find myself having conversations with my husband about his safety. I have never thought about what might happen to him should he be pulled over. We talked about the color of our children’s skin. We discussed hosting a community conversation about race. We talked about feeling helpless. Small.

And yet…tonight in our small town there was a parade. I haven’t been feeling well so I rested and showed up a bit later as things were winding down. My husband is an amazing dad and he went with all three kiddos and our neighbors. When I got there, I saw a sign that said, “Black Lives Matter.” We sat by a family with many shades of brown and white. We saw brown princesses. We saw a white cop. And many excited small children.

Admittedly I don’t much like the fact that EVERY float gives out candy. We don’t do a lot of candy. So we compromised and each kiddo could eat a bit at the parade and save a few pieces for tomorrow. They still wanted to receive candy so they kept accumulating and when they were done we walked them over to the police officer on duty near us. The white mom, the brown dad and the multiracial kids gave the white cop the candy and thanked him for his service. He assured us he would share with his friends at the station. We then walked by the white lady with the BLM sign and hugged her. I choked back tears as we walked home.

I share this because they were small things done by small kids who have 2 different colored parents. They don’t know what’s happening in our country and we are protecting them from that for now. Yet I want them to participate in acts of community no matter how small. Because it is the big and powerful when it’s compounded by others doing small BIG stuff in their communities.

When I feel powerless I need to ACT! Tonight, that’s what was authentic. I needed to embrace the perceived division and create a space where peace is the common denominator.

What small thing can you do in your personal life, your home, your community so you don’t feel so small? Share with me.

With so much love,



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