Illuminate, Radiate, Illustrate

I desire to have a community of women where we are each immersed in our own light, connected to our worth undeniably, and then we share that out with others. This becomes our life’s work. Recognize, embrace, connect.
During the course of this 6 month program beginning January 6th, you’ll receive the following:
  • Weekly Sunday emails that will have something of inspiration, a writing prompt, and an invitation for self-care. Suggestions for books, podcasts, websites, it’s unfolding…
  • January and February will be focused solely on going within and being in time with nature and its pace. Absolutely no declarations for resolutions here. Deep quiet, peace, discovery.
  • March and April will have an intention of bringing what you uncovered to the light. It will be an opportunity to begin putting your deepest desires forward.
  • May will be about illustrating in some sort of actionable way what you’ve discovered.
  • June…we celebrate!
  • Email support for questions, insights, sharing of wins will be offered.
  • A June gathering is percolating, though this is changing a bit as many women interested are scattered throughout the country.
  • The investment is $38/month, or one payment of $199
Because this is a pilot program, the price reflects the creative nature of the process. Your feedback will help direct the course of the course, so to speak. Also, when any of your friends, clients, tribe mates join us, you’ll receive an upgrade to have at least one 30 minute phone call with me during the month.
Choose below to either subscribe for 6 monthly payments or simply make 1 payment.