Stacie M Review
Stacie M. says: My experience was nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL!! God has given Heidi a gift to give individuals an experience that provides the perfect balance of restoring them in body, mind, and soul. If I could, I would lay on Heidi’s table every single day of my life…every time I am there I walk away renewed and rejuvenated. God bless her and all her clients!

Jenny N Review
Jenny N says: Heidi is absolutely amazing and I will for sure be back to get more massages from her. I LOVE her space and feel right at home with it/her. Thank you so much Heidi! I still feel recharged today from it!

Melissa S. Review
Melissa S. says: I enjoyed my experience. Heidi gives a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to come to know her, through her endearing kindness. She reminded me that I am beautiful person. Oh and the massage was wonderful and I am feeling great and healing. The pressure and technique were just right in every way. Thank you Heidi.

I feel healthy and pretty!
Debra O. says: My experience with Heidi was heavenly! I went home feeling like a noodle and slept like a baby. The day after the massage I had a spring in my step and looked better……somewhat pretty again. I had color in my skin and amazingly enough, looked less stressed. She is a beautiful person inside and out who has a God given gift of making you feel centered and calm. I can already tell she’s going to be very contagious. I’m looking forward to my next massage experience with her! Sincerely, Debra

Myrna S says: I had to tell you that today is the first time in a long, long time that I have not had that miserable aching, tight knot in my back. THANK YOU, I forgot how it feels to feel good. I am looking forward to my future visits with you and getting “better than I used to be”..
God Bless, Myrna

Oh what a relief !
Judy D. says: After suffering from sore and stiff neck, shoulders etc., Heidi did a masterful job of working out the soreness and it has stayed at least 75% better. Wow! Can’t wait for the next visit.

Awesome session!
Mary Ann H. says: Thank you so much for your caring touch. My knee feels much better and I was amazed that you put your hand right on the exact spot that needed the attention! Your gifts are such a blessing to each of your clients. I look forward to my next session with you! You have a fantastic day! Mary Ann

I consider myself lucky…
Debbie L. says: To have met Heidi! She is so talented and caring. She has such a gift… she cares for you physically and mentally! I always leave with a new perspective! She is such a special person…she is one of my favorites!

Loralei M. says: One word describes how I felt after my session with Heidi–WONDERFUL-Heidi you are the greatest! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Loralei

Healing hands, healing spirit
Kathleen S. says: Heidi is so very gifted. I have spiritual insights every time she works on me — what a bonus to the best massages I have ever had. Not to mention it is always fun!

I slept through the night for the first time in a long time!!
Melanie A. says: Heidi was fantastic! Her skill is incredible…I slept through the night for the first time in a long time! She helped me relax and eased the tension and tightness throughout my entire body. She was very personable and easy to talk to…she made me feel very comfortable and “safe” Thanks Heidi!!

Better than I thought it would be.
Kristina K. says: This was my first time getting a massage and Heidi took care of my questions and/or concerns and made sure I was comfortable and completely ready before she started. And once she did it felt excellent! I had gotten a gift certificate to see Heidi and it was the best gift ever! I defintely will come back for another one. Thanks Heidi!

Beautiful experience.
Lisa H. says: My session was more than a massage..it was a spiritual and peaceful experience. I look forward to learning more and experiencing more healing on my journey to becoming a healthier person. Thank you Heidi. L.H.

What a Blessing is she!!!!
Terra Marie J. says: Heidi is an incredible human being with so many blessings! Once you have been in Heidi’s presence you know that you will have to be again! She has the most amazing intuition and touch! She truly knows how to make each person feel such compassion and validation! Thank you Heidi! I am grateful for you and your many gifts!!!

Kristen L. says: I received a gift certificate to see Heidi and was finally able to use it a week ago! I can’t wait to go back! Heidi has a gift…she gives a great massage that is wonderful for the body, mind and spirit! I just finished chemo. and radiation for breast cancer and I know that Heidi can help me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Total relaxation
Corinna H. says: Heidi explained the entire process before we started – which was great. She was very concerned that I was getting what I wanted out of the experience. It was a wonderful experience.

My Massage Therapist
Christine L. says: Heidi is the therapist I have been looking for. Being a massage therapist myself and working to survive cancer, I am pretty picky about who I work with. Heidi is skilled, nurturing, intuitive, funny and her massage yields results.

Angie V. says: Heidi is one of the most amazing people I know. I had one massage with Heidi and I was hooked. After my massage session I feel so refreshed, relaxed, and inspired. She is a fabulous massage therapist and very enjoyable to chat with, I feel like I can say anything! Thanks Heidi, you rock!!!

Finally pain free!
Julie L. says: After years of chronic neck and lower back pain, I am happy to report little to no pain after just one session with Heidi. I felt like a new person walking out of Heidi’s calming space. I look forward to continuing our relationship and benefiting from her knowledge and talent.

Tera B. says: Heidi is a great massage therapist and an amazing person!!! She one of the most talented, spiritual and inspiring people that I have ever met. I always look forward to our visits because I know that I will leave her facility a more grounded, healthy and happy person. She always knows what I need and for that I (& my over worked muscles) are grateful. Thanks Heidi!

Best EVER!!
Karina B. says: Love Heidi!!! I have been telling everyone I know to go to her! I will be back there very soon! Was great to meet you Heidi!

Diane M. says: Heidi has a gift for giving the type of massge you need. It was a physical, mental and spiritual re-centering for me. I released some “stuff” I was not to hold on to, and took in positive to replace it. Thank you , Heidi for being an open vessel.

So Grateful Heidi Does This Work
Carol J. says: After nearly a year, knowing Heidi, I am so impressed and enriched by her positive influence on my life. If all she did was massage, I would be satisfied. And there is so much more to her work. I always feel as if I am in a sacred place with the massage. I always get some kind of “aha” from going into my body with her help. She is so warm and welcoming, and treats me like a unique individual.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Jessica S. says: Heidi is absolutely amazing, I would recommend her to absolutely anyone, anytime. She is personable, and a delight to be around. Not only are her massages incredible, but her energy work is definitely a wonderful additive to the session. She has definitely set the bar high for massage therapy and bodywork. I leave feeling relaxed, balanced, and at peace. Heidi is also very generous and is more than willing to assist in finding resources to help you understand your body, mind, spirit and assist with personal growth and awareness.

Always a healing experience…
Kathy B. says: Heidi has an incredible healing energy that is pure gift enhanced with high level skill. I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and full of joy — no exaggeration. It is truly a healing mind-body-spirit experience. She is firmly grounded as a channel of peace, love and healing.