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Hey, I'm Heidi Metro


I Empower Womxn L.E.A.D. from Within.

You're in the right place if you've been told you are "TOO MUCH."

  • "You think too much"
  • "You feel too much"
  • "You do too much"

This is also the place for you if you're a hybrid: Beautifully human and utterly divine. So let's talk all things wildly practical and totally woo to help you:



And get those BOUNDARIES solid AF so you can actually LEAD YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN and love all of your TOO MUCHNESS! The world needs it.

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You know how you always say,

"If I don't do it, it won't get done?" 

In your life? Your business? 

And you know how that leaves you feeling like you have perpetual PMS? Irritated. Annoyed. Overwhelmed. Bitchy. And totally bloated with responsibility.

I get it. And it’s total bullshit.


There’s a better way. It’s called the PMS Method.

Grab this training and learn how to Prioritize, Minimize, and Systemize so you can finally ditch the PMS symptoms, for a PMS LIFESTYLE that ACTUALLY gets you the custom curated life you want.

PS: This is the EXACT method I teach my high investing clients. Snag it here! FREE!

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Holy Client Love:

(for real, this is sacred)

Joy Kurber

Mama Mentor & Founder of Manage Like Mom 

Working with Heidi has been and continues to be such a transforming journey for me, both personally and professionally. 

The culmination of her programs (GPS & PMS) have guided me to use my values as a compass for making wiser decisions and goals. 

BodyMind Coaching with Heidi has helped me become more present in my life and also more aligned as I move forward in leading my own business. 

Heidi listens, supports, cheers me on, questions with curiosity and doesn't let me give up on myself! I am so happy that I took the leap into coaching with truly is a gift to know and work with such an amazing human.

Katie Akre

RN & Healing Touch Practitioner

I am now using the PMS Method (both consciously and unconsciously) on the daily. 

Giving language to my purpose and values and learning to recognize when I am out of alignment has been a subtle but powerful shift for me.

Whether I'm looking at how to tackle my day or I'm feeling overwhelmed and resentful, I use the PMS Method to focus on what is most important, minimize the rest (often that involves minimizing my own expectations), and come up with a plan that aligns my purpose, values, and boundaries. 

I am so grateful to be part of Lead From Within. The wholehearted support I receive from Heidi and our group of powerful, empathetic, funny, and inspiring women makes realize how much I was missing that in my life and how essential it is to have this support. I am learning to trust my gut, lead from an aligned place, and receive on a deeper level. This group has been a touch point and safe space to be seen and heard without judgment.


Kristin Jepson

Meditation Coach & Badass Entrepreneur  

BodyMind Coaching has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally. Heidi has helped me change and improve the entire scope of my business, making me more productive, my team happier, and ultimately improving my bottom line.

On every level, Heidi has coached me to discover ways to decrease my anxious feelings while performing at my very best. My relationships have improved across the board-with my spouse, our children, my employees. 

We have worked through so many situations and have healed and transcended anxiousness, fear, and doubt. I recommend this type and level of coaching with every fiber of my being. I'm a better person because of it.



You are beyond ready to take your life NEW NEXT LEVEL!

This level of support is PERFECT if you're an entrepreneur, hybrid, intuition-driven business owner who is looking for more alignment, clearer direction, and income with an impact!

We'll define your core values, give language to that Divine purpose, and IMPLEMENT boundaries inside your life/career/business. It's time. 



It's time to be enveloped in a community of women who are leading. Leading From Within AND MAPPING it out.

Inside this high-touch group program you'll gather with other high-achieving womxn to go deeper. More connected. More aligned with your CORE purpose, values and boundaries.

This sacred group program is for womxn who are seekers, personal development junkies, and those who are done people-pleasing and doing #allthethings. We Make an Aligned Plan each and every week to bring action to your vision.




This is where we connect and collaborate about your


The foundation of your New Next Level Starts Here!



Purpose. Practical systems.

And, of course, some woo.

I preach about connection, alignment, and reverence for self. Doing the real work of becoming more yourself, leading from there, and sharing it with the world...THAT IS SUCCESS.

Let's connect.

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