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hey girl!

It's Heidi Metro here.

Here are a few things you should know:

My last name is pronounced Mee-tro. I know, I know. And, don't worry if you've been saying it wrong. Now you know. And you'll now get the secret handshake to the club.

I LOVE fire. Like, ooh, love it. I am not dangerous. Ha! But I am totally FIRED UP about helping you ILLUMINATE your PURPOSE so you can SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! It's time to claim it and LEAD!

I have secret obsession with loose leaf paper. Seriously, it's a joke now. And I don't care. It's how I process. 

I love a good map. A gorgeous globe. A vintage compass. I am so ON PURPOSE for guiding women to use their INNER GPS. 

Sacred Client Love

(Seriously, read these and know that these womxn are part of our community. Aren't we so fortunate?)

Nickie Kraus

Realtor & Change Maker

I truly find it hard to put into words just how life changing meeting and working with Heidi has been.

BodyMind Coaching with Heidi has helped me to discover and start to live my true values and have conviction to stand up for those values.

We have worked on boundaries because in a world that is 24/7 its easy to lose yourself and allow others to take advantage of that.

She pushes me to acknowledge my purpose and what my goals in life and business are.

I have struggled with acceptance, confidence and anxiety throughout my life but through it all Heidi has always been there to support, encourage, and provide me with how to move forward and truly heal. Heidi shows me that I have the strength to do it all.

As a woman in business I have been told I cannot do a lot of things. Heidi encourages and works with me to never give into what others think or believe. She gives me the tools to work through anything that comes up. She not only cares about my business but my personal life as well. She truly makes me be the best businesswomen and person I can be.  

My business this year has been the best it has ever been! I am working with people whose values match mine and truly allowing me to be the real me. I would have never had the courage without Heidi to reach the level of achievement that I have since starting coaching. She is an amazing person. I feel so blessed to have met her.

I encourage every woman looking to reach their full potential to reach out and work with Heidi not only for business but for personal life!



Stephanie Johnson

Photographer & Coffee Connoisseur

I want to start by saying that it’s actually hard to put into words the way working with Heidi has transformed and helped me! I’m a different, stronger, more positive and confident woman because of the coaching with Heidi.

Heidi has taught me to work through different life experiences and how to incorporate the PMS and GPS Methods into both my personal and professional life. In BodyMind Coaching, Heidi helped me to work through anxiety, fear and depression in ways such as recognizing and accepting my feelings and then letting them go.

I am more confident in and trusting of my instincts. Heidi helped me to recognize and understand my values and when I’m out of alignment. I would have never known that Nature was one of my values. Knowing this I am able to align with my values and incorporate my love of photography as well. It has given new meaning to my perspective on my life.


The Lead from Within group, a group of powerful and supportive women, has been so supportive and inspiring – something I didn’t realize I was missing. In this group we listen, coach, cry and laugh with each other. Heidi is a wonderful leader and provides insight and perspective to make us all think in a new way.


Carrie Van Dyke

Graphic Designer & Inspired Artist
In my work with Heidi, I have learned and continue to learn so many things about myself and how I relate to the world. We've worked hard to identify my values, my soul purpose, my passions, my dreams. We are creating opportunities for growth in these areas by healing traumas, past pain or beliefs that may be getting in the way of living my best life created for me by Source.
Some examples of areas where I have been fortunate enough to find healing in my work with Heidi include:
1. Reframing sensitivity as a personal super power vs a liability of shame.
Heidi has helped me define and name this part of myself. Determining that I am an Empath has helped me understand things about myself that I had previously been hard wired to believe were character flaws that needed to be hidden away. It is so refreshing now to know what I need to do to properly take care of myself and flourish in this big, exciting and sometimes scary world.
2. Setting boundaries makes room for more of the good life.
I used to think of boundaries as limiting. What Heidi helped me see, was that boundaries help limit the things in life that do not align with my values and soul purpose. By keeping those things out, it make more room for what is meant for me and what fills me up!
3. The importance of the BodyMind connection.
So, I'll be the first to admit, that I have not yet become a master of this lesson . . . AND I understand the importance of it.
Now, if you've worked with Heidi at all, you'll know one of her signature questions . . . 'where in your body do you feel that?'  She is systematically teaching me to trust my body and get out of my head.  I typically trust my gut/body when it comes to other people-- now applying that same body connection when it comes to myself is my goal.

Welcome to YOUR New Next Level!

And I'm not talking about huge and over-the-top next level. YOU'RE ALREADY WHOLE.
Oh sweetheart, I'm talking more CONNECTED. ROOTED. Next Level DEEPER.
Here's what I'm awesome at:
  • Guiding you to claim your PURPOSE
  • Clarifying your VALUES. (We ain't talkin' being nice either. Your inner Bitch is the heroine you've been waiting for. I'll show you.)
  • And getting those BOUNDARIES ROCK SOLID


Because Hybrids (human AND divine) DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
And we've been taught, even if it was unintentional, that in order to be SUCCESSFUL (ie "Good Enough") we have to do things in a way that disconnects us from ourselves. 
This is NOT about you DOING more. Or mindlessly chasing a lifestyle of perpetual burnout. God, we know you do way more than you have time for now!
This is about ALIGNMENT. Of your BIG GOALS, oh those life-enhancing, incredibly inspired GOALS, with your PURPOSE, VALUES, AND BOUNDARIES.

(Insert exhale here.)

It may sound too trite Too obvious. Maybe even too woo. (Oh girl, I love me some woo though!) But let me tell you, the high-achievers who get sh&% done that work with me privately, oh mama, they take their lives, their incomes, and their impact to a whole NEW NEXT LEVEL. And it rests on a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION of true connection to self.
This work is IDEAL for womxn who are total hybrids: You love the woo AND you're totally practical. Show me the crystals AND the SOLUTIONS!
I work with womxn who are ACTION-TAKERS. It's absolutely fantastic to learn and know. (I know you're a personal development junkie!) It's ESSENTIAL to then TAKE ACTION. Take the next step.
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