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what's up?!

It's Heidi Metro here.

Here are a few things you should know:

My last name is pronounced Mee-tro. I know, I know. And, don't worry if you've been saying it wrong. Now you know. And you'll now get the secret handshake to the club.

I LOVE fire. Like, ooh, love it. I am not dangerous. Ha! But I am totally FIRED UP about helping you ILLUMINATE your PURPOSE so you can SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! It's time to claim it and LEAD!

I have secret obsession with loose leaf paper. Seriously, it's a joke now. And I don't care. It's how I process. 

I love a good map. A gorgeous globe. A vintage compass. I am so ON PURPOSE for guiding women to use their INNER GPS to Lead From Within. 

"Heidi has helped me see that boundaries limit the things in life that do not align with my values and soul purpose. By keeping those things out, it make more room for what is meant for me and what fills me up!"

Carrie Van Dyke - Graphic Designer and kick-ass human

Welcome to your NEW Next Level.

And I'm not talking about huge and over-the-top next level. YOU'RE ALREADY WHOLE.

Oh new friend, I'm talking more CONNECTED. ROOTED. Next Level DEEPER.
Here's what I'm awesome at:
  • Guiding you to claim your PURPOSE
  • Clarifying your VALUES. (We ain't talkin' being nice either. Your inner Bitch is the heroine you've been waiting for. I'll show you.)
  • And getting those BOUNDARIES ROCK SOLID


Because Hybrids (human AND divine) DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
And we've been taught, even if it was unintentional, that in order to be SUCCESSFUL (ie "Good Enough") we have to do things in a way that disconnects us from ourselves. 
This is NOT about you DOING more. Or mindlessly chasing a lifestyle of perpetual burnout. God, we know you do way more than you have time for now!
This is about ALIGNMENT. Of your BIG GOALS, oh those life-enhancing, incredibly inspired GOALS, with your PURPOSE, VALUES, AND BOUNDARIES.

(Insert exhale here.)

It may sound too trite.
Too obvious.
Maybe even too woo. (Oh friend, I love me some woo though!)
But let me tell you, the high-achievers who get sh*t done that work with me privately, oh my dear, they take their lives, their incomes, and their impact to a whole NEW NEXT LEVEL. And it rests on a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION of true connection to self.
This work is IDEAL for women who are total hybrids: You love the woo AND you're totally practical. Show me the crystals AND the SOLUTIONS!
I work with women who are ACTION-TAKERS. It's absolutely fantastic to learn and know. (I know you're a personal development junkie!) It's ESSENTIAL to then TAKE ACTION. Take the next step.
Let's Connect

"Coaching with Heidi has helped me to break down the standards of what is acceptable/necessary and allowed me the space to be authentically me."

Sami Baierl--  Architectural Designer and oh so incredible



This is where we connect and collaborate about your


The foundation of your New Next Level Starts Here!