"Filling your own cup first" is total BS

Self-care is such a catchphrase that comes with so many fluffy suggestions about manicures and morning routines that I just had to call bullshit on it...me and my group of badass BodyMind Ambassadors who are blowing the lid off of the whole thing. 

We are so passionate about the topic (and so many more!) that we PUBLISHED A MAGAZINE! And Redefining Self-Care was the topic for the inaugural issue. You can totally check it out here.

Before you go and read this incredible magazine from cover to cover, I encourage you to really sit with what you believe about self-care. What have you been taught? How does it make you feel

In my article for the magazine, I reveal the secret to self-care for me. It wasn’t getting up an hour earlier. It wasn’t taking a bubble bath. It wasn’t even prioritizing bodywork. It was something much deeper than that. 

A sacred rebellion. And boundaries that will piss people off. 

Now go check it out! And seriously, shoot me...

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Change can feel like loss

change habits loss seasons Sep 10, 2020

This time of year brings change. Predictably. Still surprisingly.

For many, the changing seasons means "back-to-school," in a myriad of ways. Some comforting. Some incredibly new and uncomfortable.

It may also mean a change in weather. Here in the Midwest it seems summer vanished overnight leaving pumpkins and clouds in its midst.

When change happens, even predictable change, it can feel like loss. The feeling of loss can still take us by surprise leaving us feeling unprepared or irritable. It may feel like we're not ready. 


That space in between. It matters to bear witness to our feelings. To register the physical sensations and not label them as good or bad. But just see them. Feel them. Integrate and release.

This is also true when you make INTENTIONAL change like receiving support or learning something new. 

Take heart: Your body is so wise and gives you feedback FOR your greatest good.

Loss does NOT equal bad.

Loss means you're human. Divine....

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What to do when you're triggered...cuz you WILL be...

Leaders do it differently. They DO the work.  ESPECIALLY when they're triggered. The holy work of alignment. Let's look at HOW.
When you're triggered, cuz you're gonna be triggered, here is a simple method to find out what is revealing itself. I think of this as Conversations with God/Source/Infinite Love:
1. What's the feeling? Seriously. Name it.
2. Take a breath, sit with the feeling.
3. Exhale.
4. What does the feeling reveal?
5. What aligned (with values, purpose, boundaries) action can you take?
6. Repeat.
Here's an example from my personal experience:
Scrolling social and I see a post from a friend that is inflammatory and in my opinion, ignorant.
1. I'm feeling judgmental and angry. Helpless.
2. (I don't want to sit with it. I want to spout off!)
3. Oh yes, exhale.
4. This feeling reveals that I feel disconnected. I am also hungry. And I need a walk.
5. I value this person and actually feel I could talk to them personally.
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