Everything you've learned about comfort zones is utter BS.


Ladies, hear this...

That crap everyone has spouted at you your entire life about "everything you want is outside of your comfort zone" is rubbish.


And dangerous, frankly.


It is absolutely possible to have what you want, achieve your goals, and live in a way that honors where you are. Take a deep breath. It's more comfortable than you think.


Let me show you. 



The Comfort Zones REFRAME!

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is a BodyMind Coach & Systems Guru who is ON FIRE for inviting and guiding womxn to Lead From Within.

Heidi KNOWS that womxn are natural leaders. She also EMBODIES a Win/Win/Win philosophy.

When womxn win by CLAIMING their gifts, communities & families win, and the world ABSOLUTELY wins. 

Let's go!