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At When You Lead, we empower leaders to embrace their unique qualities and strengths so that they can create harmony at the office, at home and within.

The Kolbe System
for Teams and Leaders

The Kolbe System™ is a life-changing tool that empowers individuals and teams to work in harmony with their innate strengths, so that you can promote synergy and boost productivity within your team, company and organization.

As Kolbe™ Certified consultants, Heidi and her team brings this tangible tool to you and your company as a way to help you access and leverage the strength of every natural leader within your organization.

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Why use The Kolbe System?

Building productive teams can be difficult. The Kolbe System will help you put the right people in the right roles, maintain high-performing employees and hire new ones with confidence, so that you can reduce stress, improve productivity and grow your business.

Everyone has strengths, but not everyone knows what they are... or how to use them. Unlike personality tests, the Kolbe System outlines exactly what your strengths are and how to access them, so that you can use them to promote synergy within your life, team and organization.  

Maximize your teams. Intelligence and personality don't equal productivity. As a Kolbe Certified consultant, Heidi walks you through the missing piece within your teams and organization: Knowing how each person is naturally designed to get things done.

Become a better leader. There is no one-size-fits-all to leadership. As a Kolbe Certified consultant, Heidi will share the tools and resources to teach you how to best communicate with your team members, where to place folks within your organization to maximize productivity, how to design projects that actually get done on time, retain employees, hire new ones with confidence and develop leaders within your organization. 

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"Working with Heidi to assess and understand the Kolbe A system has helped our organization in tangible ways. Individually, we each better understand who we are and how we function. From a management perspective, the Kolbe A has allowed for more aligned work assignments and less frustration that results from mismatched responsibilities. The assessment alone would not have contributed to the change. It is Heidi’s depth on knowledge of the Kolbe A and intuitive ability to help groups enhance their understanding and motivation to succeed as a team."

Suzanne Begin
Executive Director of ARC Retreat Community

Speaking Engagements

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"We invited Heidi to speak at our summit as the closing key note speaker as we knew she would leave everyone motivated, inspired & feeling grounded in their next best steps. Every time Heidi speaks, delivering her ideas and guidance, it feels like the audience leans in, engaged in every word, loving how Heidi is making them feel & taking notes about how they want to move forward in life. Her energy is contagious and her words are wise. The comments from our audience about her session are still coming in strong and I know many signed up to her workshop, wanting to hear more from her! Heidi’s like a minister in church - you can’t help but pay attention!"

Sumeena Gupta
CEO, ICF Coach, NLP & Business Mentor

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