Say NO! with Ease: The Masterclass

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The space/freedom/time you desire is on the other side of a tiny word. NO. Come and learn HOW to say NO so you can FINALLY say YES to yourself.

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**Let me spoil the ending...

You're gonna feel weird.


And they are more than likely going to be upset/disappointed/put out. 


Let me also remind you, that you ALREADY feel some sort of way about always being the one to DO IT ALL, and TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM.




I know you. I was you. I'm still dancing with No. 


And my dear friend, you're at a season of your life where you can do this. You absolutely CAN do this. Let me teach you HOW. 



is the founder of Lead From Within and absolutely ON FIRE for Empowering Women to Navigate Their Sacred Crossroads.

Basically that means you get to move forward from that stuck place of "NOT THAT!" & "NOW WHAT?"

It's time. Let's go!